Zumba® Fitness By Emily



1990s – The Zumba program was created by celebrity fitness trainer Beto Perez in his native country of Colombia. One day, Beto walked into his aerobics class and realized that he had forgotten his music, and his only option was to grab whatever tapes he had in his backpack. His tapes were comprised of the songs that he loved best, which were an array of traditional Latin salsa and Merengue. Beto rose to the challenge of improvising an entire class on the spot using non-traditional aerobics music, and from this the Zumba fitness party was born. The class soon became the most popular one at the fitness facility.

1999 - Following his success in Colombia, Beto decided to come to the United States and began teaching Zumba classes in Miami. His classes once again became very popular and word spread quickly of this new and fun fitness offering. Soon thereafter, he was approached by entrepreneurs Alberto Perlman and Alberto Aghion to create a global company based on the Zumba Fitness philosophy. Zumba Fitness Fact Sheet – Page Two 2007 – The Zumba program launched internationally and is currently offered through trained instructors in more than 75 countries.